Monday, January 12, 2009

WooHooo~ BFF is returning back to hometown on the 22th Jan!! Hey Bff, must take day off from yr busy meetups schedule to come and visit me in hall!! U haven come to my hall yet!! :( :( :..( It's my last semester already! I miss u so muchhh!! :D

Recently, I got addicted back to jap songs, specifically by this female group - AKB48, Team A songs only. (AKB48 consists of 48 members divided into three teams: Team A, Team K and Team B). Apparently, it seems like Team A is gaining more fame? than team B and K. But, I support Team A because of mendol - takahashi minami, Haruna Kojima & Mi & Minami Minegishi. :D) Anyway, majority of the songs has catchy and fabulous tune, yeap.

Holidays: basically I did slacking at home, atending gatherings *haha*, cooking, reading and dating. What an unfulfilling holiday I led! :E

Sunday, October 5, 2008

After so many weeks of no new posts, I am back again because I am happy after spending some time on catch-ups with old friends!

Friday, Went on ICQ and surprisingly, Irina was online thus had a fast and fulfilling chat with her before her account runs out of credit. Like before, she bombarded me with the Russian words, making me busy searching for the interpretation online.

Next, went home with Jielin who brought me to take a longer route to reach Tampines n made me laughed for hours at her clumsiness with the stairs and 'unglam' moments which successfully helped in the building for my stomach abs.

Sunday, finally after months and weeks after my 3 months in United States, I met up with Mr. Erich. As expected, he helped me a lot in building my stomach abs throughout the meeting. First stop: We drove to Bedok 85 to have the Minced Meat noodles, Oyster Omelette & Sugar CaneDrink. 2nd stop: Changi Sailing Club - Bubble Tea, Fresh & Salty Wind breeze, Mamma Mia soundtracks and the scenary made the conversation and atmosphere so relaxing and wonderful until this big private boat returned back to the shore. 3rd stop - Changi Village to pack supper for Bro. 4rd stop: Erich's home sweet home. Neat and tidy in common areas but vice versa for his room. *Shake head* To my surprise, the new t-shirt he bought is of the similar design as me!! Just that its in different colours but both are Junk tees with Nestle on it- what a good taste we have! lolx...

Final stop: back to home. Logging into my email account, I was greeted with 2 messages from Anna! After bidding goodbye to her in Myrtle Beach, it was the first email and message replies I received from her. *Excited*

I love my weekend!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Finally able to catch up with bff before she leave for England!! Together with Bing Feng, we went for dinner at Muthu's Curry house. :) A few months back, before I leave for AMerica, we went there for dinner. A few months later, we had the same thing again before Colle leave for her studies. So nicee....

I ate a lot on that prticular night!! Had briyani rice, chicken curry, mutton curry, fried prawns and lots of indian crackers then drank my peppermint bubble tea and headed back to city link for waffles!

Lotsa of fun in taking memorable photos for Colle to bring to UK!! We invited a special guest to take photos with us!! Guess who?!'s TORTOISE, yes! It's Jo's, Sis and MY 'kawaii' tortoise! This small little thing has made a name for himself among my friends ESP JO! (cause Master Wu Gui went to visit her aka Panda in her dreams to hurry her in picking a wife) Therefore, the 3 of us had our chances to take photos with him!! Ahhh....Colle commented that he's very 'hao bao'! I 100% agree with her! (To Colle: Of course! It's my wu gui!) But Bing Feng went to grab his head and posed an irritating faical expression! Hmpf! hAHAH...

photos: will be posted as soon as I received them!

Jo: Dun spot check on me! hahaha...treat u eat mooncakes still be fussy...hmpf! hahahha... :P

Monday, September 8, 2008

It's 1am and I am still sitting at the benches in Biz SChool waiting for the rain to stop!! I'm feeling the cold without my cardigan...when will the rain stop?! I wanna get back to hall to have my beauty sleep!! Moreover, my stomach is upset. It's not feeling good...i reckon its hall dinner again. :(

Mischievous? Yes, I admit cause I packed an additional set of dinner from hall for my not staying in hall classmate so that she can have a TASTE of what we (hall residents) are having for dinner. Expected, she said 'she understand why it's fine to eat occasionally in hall but not fine if were to eat it everyday'. *hahahha* finally she understood what do we mean by 'HALL FOOD SUX'.

missing America....Vik was saying that she's going to the beach with Ira! I bet they are there now, having lotsa of fun, enjoying themselves into tanning session!! I wanna be that relaxed too!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

This week's really packed! But I seem not to have enough determination to do what I am supposed to complete. Always side track to do other things on the net. When will holidays come again? I am waiting for it.

Finally able to meet up with leen, boon, mingh and jinglebell last friday after our last meeting which was during Christmas 07! sucks! it's a half year thing. Tt's kinda sad but no choice. Everyone has their own business to settle. Anyway, as usual it turned out fun! I'm just kept laughing and laughing. Oh...everytime we met, boon and I will definitely ask JIngle one question. And expected...her reply is there. Always stagnant; no improvements. However, the process of 'interrogating' her was just hilarious. Hopefully, the next time we asked her the same question, she will give us a different reply. :)

Heard that she's flying to Australia for her pilot course, we are happy for her. Heard that she's flying to France next year for training. We envy her. That's AWESOME! I want to fly to France too but money no enough.

My wish list of countries for travelling in the next 4 years - 1st: USA. 2nd- ENGLAND. 3rd - HONG KONG or TAIWAN. 4th - FRANCE. 5th - AUSTRALIA.

Top 2 countries are a must to fufil within 4 years! *USA - I want to see my special friend again and gain overseas working and living experience! *UK - I want to fufil what U shared with me the other time - sitting in my audience seat, overseeing your whole grad ceremony esp seeing this sweetie of mine graduating with a 1st class in Law!! I'm sure yr parents will be proud of you then!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Thai Horror Movie, “4bia”

This most promising and top grossing Thai horror movie of year 2008 from the directors of “Alone”, “Shutter” and “Body #19″ indeed make my heart skipped a beat.

A price for 4 movies sounds attractive but how's the storyline? I give a rating of 3/5 where story 3, 'In the Middle' scored the most and story 2, 'Tit for Tat' having pretty and handsome actors!As for the effects - it was great I least there are screams in the theatre. The last story - Last Fright has the ipact on me up till now. I meant it was ridiculous for the casket people not to wrap the 'queen' body well and put it in a coffin instead, they wrapped it up like a mummy and leave it on the passenger seat throughout the whole journey! Tt's disgusting! Just imagine the unlucky passenger for thenext flight paid to sit on a seat tt was previously sat by the Queen's CORSPE. How gross can that be?! Moreover, the corpse just rolled down and the hair just pop out!! Yucks!

3rd story - how come only the character 'Aey' look different after drowning? The others remained their human look but 'Aey' really look horrified! *goosebumps* I love this storyline...ther's kinda a twist at the end of the story. AwesomeE!

2nd story - black magic. Never ever touch that because u never know if eventually, will u become a victim of it like that guy who got bullied.

1st story - Never reply any sms from an unknown number.

Yeap! An appaulse for the make-up too! It was undoubtedly gross and fabulous. Scared the audience out of their wits. Nevertheless, come to think of it, the laughter level seems to be higher than screams. :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Did I mention that I've received a 'love' letter from US? Yeap! I did! I did!! That was so cool! Yesterday, received a phone call from mum saying that I have a letter from the States and immediately, I knew who's it from! As usual, the card and letter contents never fail to draw a smile on my face...>>it's a big big smile from ear to ear!! *delighted** Simple love it!! I kept it like some treasure k... so loved and blessed I feel!

This afternoon economics presentation - am stunned and impressed by the 2 new gp members. Luckily, we chose the right group mates. Explicit exaplanations of the graphs and Q&A. Awesomee!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

what am I doing?! I feel so frustrated with myself.

I had my matric cARD AND tootsie rolls in my shorts yet I threw the shorts in the washing machine!! Sucks! tt's bad!

I didnt buy and lug the tootsie rolls all the way from US to throw into Sheares Hall washing machine! It was meant for my stomach! :( a handful of them in the washing machine....*sad**

the other time was my ezlink card and now, my Matric card...What exactly am I thinking?!!.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Memories, memories, memories!! Only the 5 of us were able to experience the ride. Yes, it's Led Zeppelin - Whola Lotta Love... Clarice didnt want to take the ride even till her last day of work. *thus she cant share that kind of emotions with us!!** What a pity!
I was taken aback when Jimmy Page was standing right on the London Bus stage with his electric guitar, producing this familiar rhythm together with singer/composer, Leona Lewis yesterday at Olympics 2008. *did anyone notice it??** Their duet was totally awesome! I love that version of Whola Lotta love. So wonderful. This song brought me back to the times where I sat on Led Zeppelin rides together with Jo, Ayeme, Chloe, Jay Z, HzL as well as Viktoria and Irina. Hahaha.... the second time was the best!! With HzL scaring that poor little boy before the ride and Jo, on the ride, shutting her eyes & screaming her lungs out!! That was totally fun and amazing! The first time was fab but I got butterflies after getting out of the ride...maybe I was too nervous! hahahha... The last time, Viktoria's reaction was akin to Jo!! Screaming, shouting, yelling all the way!! Yes...all the wayyyy. 3 different companies, 3 different experiences.
Too bad, didnt manage to ride on it on my last day. I miss taking that ride and the 'DROP' feeling!!! Can I turn time back?
MissiNg the States**

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Alright! Here are my pictures to be sent in for Work & Travel Photo
Competition to win Big $$$!!! (Photo contributors: Ayeme & Myself)

I simply love this Reggae Water Falls Dare! Many visitors crowd around, taking photos and look at us! The feeling is like 3 actresses shooting a film or something.